HOA Introduction

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Volunteering on your association’s board often feels like a full time job to those willing to serve. Cayce Real Estate Services has a unique approach to community association management. We encourage two-way feedback that is open, responsible and honest. Honest feedback ensures everyone in the community is clear on their respective roles, responsibilities and rights. This is how we restore harmony, increase property value and reduce board member burden. The board’s purpose is to preserve, maintain, protect and enhance the community’s property; we ensure your board fulfills its mission. Through board candidate training, we facilitate education for all members so they have accurate perceptions about serving on the board. Board leadership doesn’t have to be time consuming, the responsibilities don’t have to interfere with your life, and your relationships with your neighbors don’t have to change. Together, we’ll lay the groundwork for how we’ll manage your community while providing a bankable return on your investment. Since 1980, we’ve helped homeowner communities around Seattle to thrive and grow.


We don’t just manage real estate; we manage people and their lifestyles. We intrinsically understand the unique needs and priorities of condominium board leaders and homeowners. We cater to those who prefer a high level of efficiency and productivity. Cayce managers are trained in community association management and governance; we carry degrees in business and we’re entrepreneurs. We’re part of a full service management company staffed by seasoned professionals in all facets of real estate, from tenant screening and rental management to residential home sales. We’re based in West Seattle and have satellite offices throughout Western Washington.


With our integrated online capabilities, board members have 24/7 access to financial data and reports. Homeowners can pay their monthly assessments online, read meeting minutes, communicate with their neighbors and report maintenance needs. That frees leadership to focus on policy, budgeting, preventative maintenance and capital planning. A functioning leadership team leads to a satisfied community, financial solvency, regulatory compliance and pride in ownership.

Nicole Hull
Community Association Manager
E: nicole@cayceres.com
P: (206) 938-6401